Capture Awards 

The Capture Awards will be used to encourage and support innovative community projects and to promote civic engagement in Johnstown, as part of the Vision 2025 initiative. A minimum of $25,000 will be distributed through this program, primarily in awards of $1,000 or $500. Applications will be reviewed monthly and awards will be distributed monthly until all funds have been expended.

Capture Teams are encouraged to submit a self-evaluation checklist before applying for a Capture Award.


Capture Team Manual

This manual explains the process for forming a Vision 2025 Capture Team. Capture Teams are groups of community members who organize around a specific project initiative.

Download this manual for more information on Vision 2025 and the process for forming a Capture Team.


Capture Team Communications Update Form

Is your Capture Team holding an event? Looking for volunteers? Making exciting progress? The V25 Communication Team wants to know all about it! Just fill out the following form and a member will be in touch. We’ll not only help promote your team and project internally on the V25 website, e-newsletter, and social media, but we’ll also work to try to attract larger publicity through local news media, too.


Vision2025 Branding Guide

Need some guidelines to assist you in branding your event under Vision2025? The Vision2025 branding guide will help make that process simpler!


Action Plan Template

An Action Plan is required of all Capture Teams. This template describes what should be included when writing an Action Plan. It should be used in conjunction with the Capture Team Manual.


Vision 2025 Strategic Framework

This framework was developed by Carnegie-Mellon University’s Remaking Cities Institute in 2015. The framework identifies strategic areas for urban renewal in Johnstown. It also provides case studies for renewal projects and provides an overview of Capture Teams.


Riverwall Charette Outcomes

In September 2016, over 200 community members, conservation experts, recreation enthusiasts, and business representatives participated in a weekend-long planning session to begin the process of developing a community vision around river reinvention in Johnstown. This charrette was led by a team of seven world-renowned Harvard University architects and planners and supported by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and local sponsors.

An outcomes report is now available. This document represents the earliest vision around urban watershed reinvention in Johnstown. It is the intent of Vision2025 to translate this conceptual-level vision into a formal planning process when appropriate in the future. The Army Corps of Engineers is currently conducting a feasibility study to determine the amount and type of flood protection that will best serve Johnstown in the 21st century. This feasibility study will continue until 2018 and will advise ‘next steps’ revising modifications to Johnstown’s riverwall system.