Greenspace Capture Team

Functional and enjoyable pedestrian traffic is one of the most fundamental parts of any great city. So when a group a motivated individuals identified a need for a cleaner, greener, more walkable downtown, the Greenspace Capture Team was formed!

By recruiting and leveraging community volunteers, outside volunteer groups, and resources the Greenspace CT is able to take strides towards reaching their goal. Any project is accomplished through a series of smaller efforts, however we keep our end goal in mind at all times. We hope to create continuous greenspace stops throughout the city using green infrastructure, mapping, and native plantings wherever possible.

“It is vitally important for our team to continue to assist the City of Johnstown and the Tree Commission with street tree planting, tree tending, and maintaining current greenspace. Our efforts not only delight the people of our city, but also gives a boost to our local economy.”

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