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11 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts

  1. Hello. My name is Robert Dobis, I am not sure if this is the place to ask, but I am sure somebody with knowledge on the subject is involved in this group. I am a strong believer in preserving the cities historic buildings and there is a vacant, beautiful property at 784 Railroad Street that looks salvageable but it is definitely abandoned. I did some research and found it was called the E. Zang house, built around 1890. My question is, who should I contact in the city to see how to obtain this property? Are there any grants or assistance available to refurbish houses in the city?

    1. Robert Dobis, did you ever get an answer to your question? It’s so nice to hear about someone wanting to save a beautiful Johnstown building, I’d love to know if you have gotten any help with this.

  2. I was born and raised in Johnstown and always felt proud of it’s history and struggle. Unfortunately, I had to move away after graduating college to obtain self-sustaining employment. Recently, my husband and I had an opportunity to move back to the city. While we are grateful to be home and close to our families, we find ourselves missing accessible bike trails, a variety of restaurants/foods and activities that living near Washington DC provided. While we understand that many of those things cannot be supported in a small town, it would be nice to see more sidewalks and green space that could be utilized for biking and walking. I would also like to see more shops downtown that appeal to individuals from a variety of ages and backgrounds. A few of our favorite places to visit for shopping, walking and dining included Fredericksburg, VA, King Street in Alexandria, VA and the Occoquan River, VA. It would be great to see green space added to the city along with restored historic buildings that offer the charm, customer service and eclectic draw that chain stores do not.

  3. I’m very excited to be a part of Johnstown Vision 2025 and am looking forward to an exciting and productive 10 years, and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has a part in making the dreams of the people come to life and rebuilding our city, one dream at a time.

  4. I know that there are plans to revitalize watersheds and develop scenic river walks. Most people do not know about the outdoor activities that can be found in Johnstown. Hiking, Biking, Camping and Kayaking are all around us. I want to bring up the subject of Kayaking.

    The Stonycreek River offers various levels of Kayaking and Whitewater Kayaking. Take a look at Ohiopyle. In Johnstown, we have some very large waterfalls that people would be willing to see, if they know they exist (Hinckston, Yoder, Paint, etc…). The Stonycreek has whitewater releases on it. It’s sister river (the Little Conemaugh) also offers whitewater in sections and is rich in history to our region. I always wondered if we were able to get some dam releases on that river, we could hold a “Path of the Flood” whitewater event. It is pretty crazy to take a trip down the river that flooded Johnstown in 1889.

    It is a shame these rivers are filled with AMD but they are slowly making a return. Focusing on revitalizing the Little Conemaugh could bring back the best trout fishing stream in Pennsylvania.. Before AMD, it is said that the Little Conemaugh had pristine waters and some of the best fishing around, hence why the South Fork Fishing club decided to stick around (before the disaster of course).

    Hiking trails also should be developed around these rivers. A scenic paint hike to see some of the features on that creek would be great. Finishing a trail from the Path of the Flood up through Portage, eventually to Cresson could complete a part of the “mainline greenway.”

    I believe that nature could bring back our area.

  5. Several years ago there was a program started to develop green spaces in the city. I went to a meeting and contacted a designer from Pittsburgh that was hired to do this. I wrote to him and suggestd that the entrances to the city were mostly devoted to billboards. The
    Southmont. Boulevard -Franklin street entrance, the Menoher Boulvard/Haynes street intersection and the Bedford street ,route 56, andHaynes street bridge intersection all greet people coming into the city with their large advertising messages. One of these dwarfs the City of Johnstown sign. I used to live in Richmond Virginia and I recall that the city council voted to remove all billboards in order to beautify the city. I realize that this an economic problem in that these billboards bring money to the city. I hope that we can do something about this..

    1. “Johnstown” families has been through 3 floods and springs back up. I stress Johnstown families because it seems that those that move to Johnstown for housing and section 8’s may not care so much about the city and their neighbors, I would suspect some care and many do not. I would say hold the home owners accountable for the renters neighborhood ethic’s with trash, eye sore houses. Westmont, Richland, Geistown are a part of Johnstown but do not seem to look like the valley. What are they doing to keep their part of Johnstown pretty and supporting good neighbor ethics? I believe when John Murtha was alive his heart was with Johnstown and brought business and jobs to Johnstown, what happened after he passed. Time to turn the town around, bring the beauty back. Those raised in Johnstown, even if moved out of town, still have a heart for their birth city and it’s what we call “home”.

  6. I think that it would be beneficial to go out and study various areas that have been able to transform their downtown areas and see how they were able to be successful in their endevours. One town that comes to mind, right in our backyard, is Ligonier. By studying other towns that have had success at revitalizing their areas we can get an idea for first, what we would like to see happen to our town, and second, begin to formulate a plan on how to get there. I know that all towns are different, but we certainly aren’t the first city in America to see a decline once the major job source leaves. Others have bounced back and so can we!

  7. Hello to all invovled in this project,

    I would like to thank everyone of you for thinking and acting to improve the area. I recently read an article about planting trees in the Johnstown area and think that it is a great idea. It will improve air quality, beautify the area, and help with electricity use. As I was reading the article, I began to think “why are they getting trees from another county and why are they thinking to pay large amounts to someone to dig holes?”.

    I feel that there are nurseries in the Cambria area that would match the price. The money would remain in the area and stimulate local businesses. Also I understand the goal of this vision is to encourage people to take pride in their localities. I feel that your group needs to start targeting the youth. They are our future and need to take pride in their hometown.

    There are so many groups of youth out there and if you look you may be able to find one to dig the holes and plant the trees at no cost. It could be done as a service project by the Boy or Girl Scouts, church youth groups, vocational school programs, or as a high school project. If this is not a possibility, you can contact charities and ask for volunteers to help. In return, you couldt donate some money to their local causes, $100-$200 can go a long way.

    Keep working towards your goals, the only way to reach them is by setting higher expectations and keeping the vision.

  8. We have a natural resource in the Stonycreek and Little Conemaugh. Use them to build a riverwalk similar to the one in San Antonio. If you haven’t been there, GO! You’ll see what I mean.

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