Hope in Johnstown

What is Vision 2025, and Why are You Here? Vision 2025 is a framework that has identified three focus areas that Johnstown must improve in order to reinvent itself as a vibrant mid-sized city. These focus areas are economy (Vibrant and Open Local Economy), environment… Read more

Johnstown Youth Corps (JYC)

Goodwill of the Southern Alleghenies, Pennsylvania CareerLink Cambria County, and Vision 2025 have partnered to create a combination summer workforce development and community project program named the Johnstown Youth Corps (JYC). The JYC is designed… Read more

A (Christmas) Tree Grows in Central Park

Vision 2025 is a community-driven, grassroots approach to revitalizing Johnstown’s natural and built environments, economic sectors, and civic engagement realms. As Vision progresses, many projects in the community will… Read more

Op-Ed Series: Ryan Kieta

This is the first of a four-part series that discusses the goals and ambitions of Johnstown’s Vision 2025 community redevelopment movement. Next week, Johnstown Mayor Frank Janakovic will talk about the importance of a Strong Sense of Community. Between… Read more

Ideas and Encouragement

On Monday, November 16th, over 120 of your friends and neighbors gathered in the basement of First Lutheran Church in downtown Johnstown for a public visioning session. A cross-section of our region came out for the event – young and old, from all walks of life – ready to… Read more

Re-energize Johnstown

Johnstown has a lot of very affordable housing, but the housing stock is generally very old and not very energy efficient. The percentage of income devoted to paying energy bills is 3.5 times higher in low income households than average… Read more

UN Job & Resource Fair Recap

It is a recurring problem in post-industrial cities such as Johnstown, that companies cannot find qualified and motivated employees to fill their positions. This lose-lose scenario leaves the company in question short-handed and a potential employee out of a job. While typical job fairs offer the opportunity to find these individuals, many disadvantaged or disengaged potential employees will simply not… Read more

Environmental Circle Party!

Environmental activists are everyday people, just like you and me, who care deeply about preserving the rich environment that surrounds us. The work these activists do is special, because it ensures that generations to come will benefit from their… Read more

Tree-vitalize Johnstown

The Trees for Johnstown initiative is a partnership between the Western PA Conservancy, the City of Johnstown, the Shade Tree Commission, and the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies. Johnstown’s Vision2025 recently got involved… Read more