About US

What We Are:

Vision 2025 is a volunteer-based organization that has created a vision around bettering the Johnstown region. While being a relatively new movement, it has already collected an impressive amount of members, of all ages, who are ready to support the area.


How We Work:

Vision 2025 is comprised of three main groups: the Strong Sense of Community group, the Life Sustaining Landscapes group, and the Vibrant and open Local Economy group. Within these groups are smaller divisions named capture teams, which are sets of people who work together in order to accomplish a specific goal. Some examples of these capture teams are the Youth Engagement capture team and the Welcome to Johnstown capture team. As capture teams begin reaching their goals, the Johnstown region will continue to grow and prosper.

Our History:

Roughly two years ago, a group of local leaders began meeting with city officials to discuss ways in which they could work together more effectively. As a result, in early 2015 Carnegie Mellon University’s Remaking Cities Institute was commissioned to conduct an intensive study of Johnstown.

In October, the Remaking Cities Institute revealed its Johnstown Strategic Vision summary to a standing room only crowd at the Cambria County War Memorial. To keep the organization managed, the city hired community development professionals, Wally Burlack and Ryan Kieta. Housed at JARI and funded by the Community Foundation and others, Burlack and Kieta worked with and evaluated the capture teams to make sure goals were met and that projects continued to stay on track.

Attendees of the October public input meeting proudly proclaim their love for our city.