Vision 2025 Focused on Supporting Small Business in Johnstown


As Johnstown’s residents face social and economic distress and are forced to leave the city to get a quality education, a well-paid job, and a better standard of living, Vision 2025, together with a number of commercial organizations, has established a foundation that will help us support and develop small businesses in our community. This initiative will help to create new jobs and provide people with a livable income to improve their quality of life. Together we can contribute to the overall well-being of the residents and turn our community’s dreams into reality.

GAP Pollution & Environmental Control

This company offers innovative solutions to all of the industrial cleaning needs. With specialized equipment and more than 35 years of knowledge and experience, GAP is the company that you can safely entrust with industrial cleaning.

Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce

Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce tries its best to communicate the positives in our neighborhoods and community. They provide residents with crucial information about what's going on in the business market and host numerous events to draw attention to existing problems and find ways to solve them together.


1FirstCashAdvance is a connecting company that offers short-term loan options to the most vulnerable population. This service was created to support people with no or bad credit. By providing guaranteed approval payday loans for any purpose, 1FirstCashAdvance can help those who need it most overcome their financial difficulties. Whether you need to get some fast cash to pay your bills, cover credit card payments, repair a car, or cover any other daily expenses, this matching service can find the right option that suits your current situation.


1ST SUMMIT BANK offers the best solutions to achieve your financial goals. Whether you need a personal or business loan, mortgage, or savings, here you can experience the difference in relationships between a bank and a customer.

Franklin Johnstown Federal Credit Union

Franklin Johnstown Federal Credit Union provides the highest quality financial services for its members. As a not-for-profit organization owned by its members, they stand for becoming the primary financial institution for people in our community and maintaining stability and growth.

Wessel & Company

The Wessel & Company is a team of experienced professionals who listen, interpret and provide clients objective insights. Their extensive experience allows them to understand their client’s goals and design a strategy according to their needs. The company assists in providing unique financial solutions for both business and everyday life.

The fund is directed to support small entrepreneurs and encourage business development. Going forward, we plan to support the education sector to provide young people with equal access to education and an opportunity to succeed in further learning.