Human Services Survey Results

The Outreach Committee of the Bridging Cambria County Capture Team a 2025 Initiative, gathered information over the past year from surveys concerning issues encountered by Case Workers, Case Managers and others who work in the social services field. Our objective was to approach the people who work directly with individuals in our community and ask them what they see every day. In the survey, they were asked to identify problems, barriers and gaps in services they face when working with their respective clients in our county. We also asked them to suggest ideas and resources that would help them to better serve their clients. We are grateful that so many agencies agreed to participate and thank them for taking the time to help us in this endeavor. Please see the accompanying data results.

The Bridging Cambria County Capture Team has gathered information on issues that case managers and others, who work in the social field encounter every day when working with their clients. They tirelessly endeavor to improve the human condition in our communities. They have braved the barriers that confound these efforts. This summary is as much a declaration of their hard work as it is a data summary. The following is a summary of those issues that they have reported as being the impediments to those efforts.

The following table shows the break down of issues that are included in the categories above. The issues are color coded according to the category they belong to. If a category is not color coded it is treated as its own category.

A special thank you to the following organizations for completing this survey and helping us better understand the needs our community has! Through your participation you have helped us identify key focus areas to continue our efforts to make Cambria County a better place for ALL!

  •          U.S. Probation
  •          Cambria County Assistance Office of Income Maintenance
  •          Nulton Diagnostic Blended Case Management
  •          Nulton Diagnostic Family Based Services
  •          ACRP
  •          Cambria County Children and Youth
  •          Cambria County Office of the Aging
  •          Independent Family Services
  •          Cambria County BH-ID-EI Programs
  •          Flood City Church
  •          Goodwill Industries of the Southern Alleghenies
  •          Cambria County Drug and Alcohol
  •          PA CareerLink Cambria County