Vision2025 Distributes $11,500 to 7 Teams

Today was a historic day for Vision2025. We were ecstatic to present the largest capture awards in Vision history to two extremely deserving teams at Central Park in downtown Johnstown.

In addition to the HUGE $5,000 and $2,500 capture awards, an additional $4,000 in capture awards were given to another five teams. We look forward to seeing these projects come to fruition and witnessing the significant impact they have on our community!


An additional $25,000 in Capture Team Award funding was announced by Angie Berzonski, Program & Communications Officer of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The CFA has been a fundamental part of  Vision2025’s success through their financial and physical support of the program.

“We are thrilled at the progress made by Vision2025. From the outset, we’ve supported this undertaking to harness the indelible spirit of Johnstowners, and channel it into grassroots volunteerism,” adds Mike Kane, President, Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

“Vision2025 has successfully empowered individuals to act on their ideas to make this area a better place. This effort will only get bigger and better as more people take part. Everyone in our community is welcome and encouraged to join a Capture Team or start a project of their own.”

We are proud to present the recipients of these awards…


Central Park Square Logo



The recipient of the largest capture award is our own Central Park Square Capture Team. This Capture Team plans to use the funds received towards their Revitalight the Square project.

The goal of this project specifically, is to continue to lay the groundwork for providing potential stakeholders and developers the confidence they need to invest in Central Park by implementing two critical action items within Goal #1 of our strategic plan. These action items include:

1). Printing and promoting our new logo design on banners to be displayed along the perimeter of the Square

2). Introducing much-needed lighting upgrades to address existing safety concerns and alleviate sight line issues within the park.



Our goal is both technical and Project Party based.

Funds received from this capture award will be used for a multitude of purposes. Funds will be used to develop and implement a sustainable, equitable strategic and technical assistance mapping plan, and to showcase the efforts of each environmental capture team at the Inclined Plane Trail site – a high value economic and environmental ecotourism driver in the city.

Additionally, we will enhance current economic efforts by the Johnstown Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Cambria Chamber, and the City of Johnstown through development and implementation of a strategic mapping plan for Johnstown river and land trails.

Finally, we will institutionalize the Consortium as part of our sustained effort to help with current efforts to rebrand Johnstown as Hockeyville USA and a Live, Work, Play in the Alleghenies city.

Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles, Capture Group


Goals of the project are to

(1) Attract people to Central Park, in Downtown Johnstown reinforcing it as a pedestrian scale location for Saturday outings

(2) Build on recent efforts to reestablish specialty retail in Downtown Johnstown

(3) Encourage local residents to become “makers” and entrepreneurs.

In the latter case, it is hoped that this event will trigger new permanent business development downtown either in the form of independent specialty retail establishments and/or an antiques/collectibles/crafts mini-mall hosting any vendors. All of these are being pursued by a team of concerned and committed local residents via a private initiative.

We are also coordinating with other groups who are offering events in and around Central Park during the summer months to provide a “Saturday in the Park” experience.

Gatherings on Gazebo


The goal of this project is to create a magnet in the heart of Downtown Johnstown. That entity is a Gallery/Tea Shoppe on Central Park -in the heart of Johnstown.

The name, “Gallery on Gazebo” was determined by an energized focus group of the Central Park Square Capture team of VISION 2025 who are committed to developing businesses and activities that not just attract, but also keep people Downtown.

The Gallery at 140 Gazebo is directly behind the Gazebo. It is a unique and appropriate space for gathering, engaging and enlightening visitors.

It is a welcoming space, with consigned art and artifacts, free and open to the public, hosting exhibits, demonstrations, information, meetings, and best of all, an opportunity for social engagement.

Visitors may browse, enjoy refreshments, and consider attending any of the activities, classes or programs offered.


Overdose Prevention Team (O.P.T OUT)


The O.P.T.OUT group is coming together with the goal of making an impact on a very big problem that Cambria County is currently facing. This group wants to make an impact on the ever increasing opioid problem.

Cambria County is currently experiencing a local crisis in the midst of a national crisis as it relates to the number of people both becoming addicted and dying from opioid related drugs. In the calendar year 2016, 94 people within the county died and Cambria County had Pennsylvania’s fifth-highest rate of hospitalizations for drug overdoses. With initiatives for awareness, education, prevention, recovery, and support, this group feels that positive change will result from their work.

Our small group of local business leaders can serve as a powerful force when our talents and resources are pulled together. The time for action is now and that O.P.T Out’s work will have a long lasting positive effect on the community as a whole.

Friends of Cambria City


The goal of this project is to demonstrate to the community the revitalization possibilities that exist in the Cambria City neighborhood in Johnstown by continuing beautification efforts of painting the remaining crosswalks along Chestnut Street and installing benches, banner, and dog stations.

Rivers Capture Team


The Rivers Capture Team aims to use the money received in this grant towards the construction of the Jim Mayer Riverswalk Access Ramp.

This ramp will provide increased access to the river for the entire community and tourists. It will help provide access to the river specifically in the Moxham/Ferndale neighborhood.

Do you have an idea to help Johnstown?

Apply for a Capture Award!

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