Johnstown 1 of 3 Cities Honored in Statewide Publication

DCED Report

When I first heard that Johnstown was one of three Pennsylvania towns to be featured in the the Department of Community and Economic Development’s “Work Smart. Live Happy.” report, I looked forward to writing about how the  movement came about and what it means for our area.

While I can tell you that being featured as a town in the publication (and being featured on the cover photo no less!), is a HUGE honor that represents the tremendous forward momentum Johnstown has gained in recent years, I simply cannot improve upon the intro provided by the DCED themselves.

I highly suggest you give it a read before moving on to the Johnstown feature. However if you would like to skip directly to the Johnstown feature, Click Here.

“In 2016, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) unveiled a new brand and call to action designed to encourage businesses, communities, and individuals to Work Smart. Live Happy. in Pennsylvania.

The new brand makes the connection between strong communities and thriving businesses, and how each supports the development and growth of the other. Work Smart. Live Happy. embodies the opportunity and optimism found across Pennsylvania. It is a reflection of the quality of work and quality of life found in Pennsylvania through the state’s business resources, cultural and recreational assets, diversity, and inspirational leaders who call Pennsylvania home.

Work Smart. Live Happy. A Pennsylvania Story is a collection of stories focused on three communities. In the following pages, readers will be introduced to the transformation taking place in Bethlehem, Erie, and Johnstown. These are inspiring stories of local community, business, higher education, and nonprofit leaders — and the collaborative approaches they are taking to overcome the challenges facing their communities.

Although Bethlehem, Erie, and Johnstown may each have taken a different path to revitalization, they share many things in common — passionate and dedicated leadership, a vision for the future based on collaboration and inclusivity, and buy-in and support from stakeholders. These commonalities have been critically necessary in affecting change at the local level, in addition to essential technical and financial assistance from state government. These communities have been able to make the best use of all available resources — with amazing results along the way.

The communities profiled in Work Smart. Live Happy. A Pennsylvania Story have assessed their strengths, identified their weaknesses, and taken action to address both. By taking an active role in shaping their futures, the Pennsylvanians living and working in these communities have demonstrated they can tackle any challenge head on, and have shown steadfast determination to not wait for change, but to drive it.”

Interested to find out what other towns were honored? Click here to view the full report!

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