Environmental Circle Party!

Environmental activists are everyday people, just like you and me, who care deeply about preserving the rich environment that surrounds us.

The work these activists do is special, because it ensures that generations to come will benefit from their work. However, these individuals do so much more than preserve the environment for those yet to be born.

Did you know those in the environmental circle also work to improve local recreation opportunities for locals to enjoy?

For Johnstown, more now then ever, we are realizing the huge recreational opportunities that exist all around us. From Hiking and Biking trails to kayaking and other opportunities to utilize our rivers, Johnstown truly presents itself as a recreational town. So much so that we were named as one of “The Next Great Mountain Towns” by Blue Ridge Outdoors!

So this all sounds great, but you may find yourself wondering “How can I get involved?”

Well have we got news for you! In April (Exact Date TBD), we will be hosting an Annual Environmental Circle Party!

At the party, you will get the opportunity to chat with capture team members from 7 different capture teams about their current projects, and participate in multiple break-out sessions to come up with new ideas to improve our community in 2018! 

Oh and did we mention there would be FREE food and a cash bar available?

This party is for anyone who:

  • Wants to get involved with their community
  • Wants to see positive change in Johnstown and the surrounding area
  • Wants to help create recreational opportunities in Johnstown
  • Wants to learn more about how our environmental teams are positively changing Johnstown

The Vision2025 teams involved in our environmental circle are: 

– Greenspace, Trails,Pet Friendliness Team
– Community Gardens Team
– Tree City Team
– Rivers Team
– Inclined Plane Trail Team
– Conemaugh Gap Trail Team
– The new Public Art Team

Get reminders about this event by saying you’re interested on our Facebook event page and make sure to give our page a like while you’re there to stay up to date any Vision2025 news!

You can also follow us on our new Twitter page and Instagram! 

We look forward to seeing you on in April for the next Environmental Circle Party!