2018 Vision2025 Annual Celebration Recap

This year, we at Vision2025, wanted the annual celebration to be just what the name implies…a celebration, an event that would turn the spotlight on the amazing volunteers of Vision2025 and members of our community who strive to create a better Johnstown for generations to come.  Without the efforts of these selfless individuals, there would be no Vision2025, so making sure they receive the recognition and support they deserve is a top priority. 

Vision2025 Discussion

From the minute the doors opened, a stream of people began flooding in and with each guest that came through the door, the electricity in the room continued to grow.  Over 170 Attendees began to circle the room taking in each of the 50 posters representing Vision2025 Capture Teams, community organizations, and completed projects throughout the area. At many of the posters were involved representatives, who were delighted to talk about the work they do for Johnstown, and explained how someone would be able to get involved with their project.



After concluding the interactive social session, Ryan Kieta, a coordinator for Vision2025, made a huge announcement regarding funding for Capture Teams.

“We at Vision2025 are always looking for ways to support new projects that not only better our area, but also better the community here in Johnstown. To support both ongoing and new projects, we are excited to announce that we will be offering Capture Awards in the amount of $2,500 and $5,000.”

Applications are now open through February 28th. You can find the application here: Capture Award Application

Bill Polacek
"When Vision2025 was started 2 years ago, I never thought it would grow this quickly, but today we have over a thousand members and we continue to grow." - Bill Polacek, Chair of Vision2025 Board
Keith Rothfus

“There is this old saying…’No one illuminates a light and puts it under a bushel where it cannot be seen, but rather on a table, so it can give light to all.’ I see a lot of lights here that are not being put under a bushel.

Every person that is here and all of these projects makes a statement. It shows that we are taking part in the remarkable opportunity in this community. [An opportunity] to participate in the broader rebirth that is going on across this country. I commend you on your work that is ongoing and for your commitment to meet the challenges we have.” – Congressman Keith Rothfus

Bill Flanagan

After getting to know some key change makers in Johnstown, Bill Flanagan, Chief Corporate Relations Officer for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, took the stage to serve as the keynote speaker for the night. While Bill has spent most of his time working in Pittsburgh, he immediately made one observation about Johnstown. “I have been following online what you all have been up to over the last couple of years…You’re moving at lightning speed compared to the way things have unfolded in Pittsburgh over the last 35 years.” Bill then took us through his journey of working in Pittsburgh to turn it into the city we all know today. Throughout the speech he made several correlations between Pittsburgh and Johnstown, and finished by offering parting advice.

“Keep up with the competition, work together, invest in technology and your people, and finally don’t fight change. The workforce is going to change over the next 5 to 10 years in ways that [none of us] can even begin to imagine. Keep an eye on the invention coming out of the universities right here at home. That is going to give you the tools and knowledge to put Johnstown in the position to prosper”

“It won’t just happen… It’s going to take people with great ideas working together to make it happen”

We would like to thank everyone who helped us celebrate all of the positive momentum happening in Johnstown. We hope to see you again soon at a Capture Team meeting or project, as we “Build a Better Johnstown…Together”!

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