Community Gardens Capture Team Preview

Capture Team Focus Area:

The Community Garden Capture team was created to serve as an educational network for Community Gardens established by the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies approximately five years ago.  During our assessment we found that some gardens in our area were well established, but others lacked volunteers and leadership.  All gardens are managed and partially funded by Non-Profit organizations, school districts and a public housing developments. A Moxham church garden joined the group of 10 and a resident of Hornerstown created a productive community garden in one year.


2016 – Networking meetings and education provided Community Garden Capture Teams a baseline to sustain them without the need for monthly meetings in 2017.

2017 – Capture Team communication networked via phone, email and social served Community Garden member’s needs, while interested volunteer members worked in key gardens of need and with community youth in need of extra direction.

What goal do we hope to accomplish?

It is our goal lead by example in the development and implementation of public gardens throughout our community. We aim to inspire local community members to become involved with their community garden by hosting hands-on educational events and developing youth programs within their neighborhoods.

2018 plans will be determined by the needs of the community.  Our Capture Team is fortunate to support established gardens that have some outside funding. We learn from each other and know who to contact for help or information.

What type of volunteers are we looking for?

We are looking for any volunteers who have a passion for gardening and want to pass that passion along to others.

Future volunteers who enjoy gardening are encouraged to contact the Vision2025 office with their preferred contact information. Our team members will welcome them to join them in their gardens from April to November.

No gardening experience is necessary. 

Recent Accomplishment:

Our Team has supported and inspired gardeners in their own neighborhoods and churches to continue their gardening practices, share produce, instruction, and recipes with local youth and their parents; and inspired other neighborhoods to start gardens.

  • During April of 2017 Community Garden Capture Team members helped to plant plugs at the Sandyvale Conservancy Greenhouse for Community use and Community Garden’s use.
  • Members worked with Starbucks employees from Western PA in April during their Global Month of Giving in pre-selected Community Gardens and Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail.
  • During May through October Capture Team Members worked with a Solomon Homes Girl Scout group twice a month. These girls gained valuable knowledge regarding the planting of seeds and plants, weeding, working with compost containing live earthworms, and the importance of pollinators, including live Monarchs in various stages of their development.
  • Started a collaboration with a Moxham Church garden group to provide assistance.

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