United Neighborhoods Capture Team Preview

Having a strong sense of community and belonging is essential in making every great city thrive. When the group of individuals who began the United Neighborhood group came together, they set out to ensure that the people of Johnstown felt the same pride they did. By harnessing the love of our city found in every residents heart, the United Neighborhoods Capture Team can encourage and facilitate collaboration between active community improvement groups and resource groups to make Johnstown an even better area to live.

Capture Team Focus Area:

Johnstown UN has 3 focus areas:

  • Neighborhood Development
  • Youth Engagement
  • Pride & Heritage

These focus areas are separate yet vitally connected. To create well-balanced & self-sustaining communities, one focus area cannot be seen as being more important than another. We must take into account all the facets that make up a well-oiled community.

The programs encompassing these focus areas will strengthen neighborhoods by increasing home values, creating friendlier neighborhoods, decreasing crime, and creating a higher standard of community pride, which will aid in forging community connections.

What does our Capture Team hope to Accomplish?

It is our hope that our capture team is able to positively impact the Johnstown area by:

  • Sharing ideas that work and resources across neighborhoods
  • Engaging younger generations
  • Facilitating the collaboration of youth programs
  • Ensuring Neighborhoods, Businesses and Schools work together to create a better Johnstown

What type of volunteers are we looking for?

We are looking for volunteers that would like to join a well-organized and passionate group, and who are passionate about helping their community through facilitation and collaboration.

Recent Accomplishment:

Earlier this year we held a Citizen’s Forum which included a panel of area leaders. These leaders were able to answer the questions from members of our community and provide resources to assist community development. We had an excellent turn out at this forum and we hope to hold another community forum in the near future to remain in touch with the needs and concerns of the members of our community.

Highlighted Upcoming Event:


Communication media

•       https://www.facebook.com/UNITED NEIGHBORHOODS OF JOHNSTOWN

•       https://johnstownun.com/

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