Rivers Capture Team Preview

Capture Team Focus Area:

The purpose of the Rivers Capture Team is to create awareness of our rivers and their many benefits, to improve access to and use of these invaluable assets, and to improve the river’s habitat value for fish and wildlife as an important secondary benefit.  A team of volunteers is working under the umbrella of Vision 2025 to improve river access and the use will be a significant improvement to the community’s quality of life.

What does our Capture Team hope to Accomplish?

Our goal is to improve Johnstown’s image and economy as the community begins to recognize the rivers as a vital asset.  Businesses will grow to service river users, both locals and people who will be attracted to travel here to enjoy our rivers.  The Conemaugh River through Conemaugh Gap, just downstream of Johnstown, also offers outstanding boating opportunities, but the rivers within and adjacent to the city are in need of major improvements.  Both people and businesses can be enticed to locate along the rivers.  And perhaps most importantly, looking at the big picture, quality of life is essential in order to attract businesses, entrepreneurs and an appropriately trained and educated workforce.

What type of volunteers are we looking for?

There is no one type of volunteer that we are looking for. Since there are sub-groups within the Rivers Capture team there is a chance for anyone to make a difference! If you have a passion for outdoor recreation or simply enhancing and promoting the beautiful rivers our area has to offer, this capture team is for you!

Recent Accomplishment:

We recently developed a three-pronged approach to take on the challenges we face in improving our rivers and achieving our goals for the community.  The activities of the Rivers Capture Team will be focused on these distinct, but interrelated areas:

  • Enhance river access and connectivity to the community.
  • Develop a marketing and awareness campaign for the rivers as assets.
  • Plan and coordinate river-themed events and recreation outings.

Each focus area will have a sub-group to get more people engaged.  Each sub-group will identify and prioritize its own set of projects.  These groups will determine what funding is needed and outline an implementation strategy for each priority project.  In some cases, implementation may be achievable with just volunteer labor.  In other cases, groups may need assistance in obtaining right-of-ways, handling regulatory or permitting issues, or seeking funding.

Highlighted Upcoming Event:

We currently have meetings planned for our Access and Connectivity Focus Group, this meeting is open to the public and we are always excited to see new faces!

Access and Connectivity Focus Group-  Thursday, Nov 16, 2017 5:30pm at Harrigans Cafe & Wine Deck

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Photo by National Park Planner

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