Bikes and Trails Capture Team Preview

Capture Team Focus Area:

The Trails capture team was started when we realized that we have a lot of great resources in the area that could easily be expanded upon.  The idea is that we can, with a group of volunteers, create new hiking and biking opportunities as well as maintain some of the trail systems in the area that don’t get the attention that they need.

What does our Capture Team hope to Accomplish?

Our hopes are to compile a group of individuals with the trail building and maintenance knowledge necessary to take care of these resources into perpetuity.

What type of volunteers are we looking for?

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and enjoy being in the outdoors regardless of weather conditions, then our team is for you! We are looking for hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers, and outdoorspeople that want to give back to their respective communities by taking care of the areas that they love to spend time in.

Recent Accomplishment:

Our first big project is the revitalization of the Inclined Plane trail system and the James Wolfe Sculpture Park. The project includes the creation of downhill mountain biking trails and hiking trails as well as the rehabilitation of the James Wolfe Sculptures and Rolling Mill Mine historic trail.  This hillside provides something for everyone whether it’s a hike up the mountain, a ride down the trails, a stroll through history, or an appreciation for the arts. This trail system will be a centerpiece for the city.

Highlighted Upcoming Event:

Next upcoming event TBD.

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